Meet the QTech center!

Meet the QTech center

The Padua QTech Center originates from the joint will of scientists from different disciplines to aim together at research topics in the domain of quantum technologies.

Center Governing Body

Director Professor Paolo Villoresi (Information Engineering Department)

Vice Director Professor Simone Montangero (Physics and Astronomy Department)

Executive Board

Professor Paolo Villoresi Director of the QTech Center

Professor Simone Montangero Vice Director of the QTech Center

Professor Elisabetta Collini DiSC Chimica

Professor Bruno Charellotto Director of Mathematics Department

Professor Michele Maggini Director of Chemical Sciences Department

Professor Gaudenzio Meneghesso Director of Information Engineering Department

Professor Flavio Seno Director of Physics and Astronomy Department

Head of Administration Dott.ssa Sabrina Michelotto (Department of Information Engineering)

Secretary Dott.ssa Maria Grazia Ramuglio (Department of Information Engineering)

The QTech Center activity has started on Oct. 30th 2020