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HyperSpace: satellite distribution of entanglement across the Atlantic

HYPERSPACE research project aims to create basis for intercontinental quantum networkResearchers from Europe and Canada want to jointly create the basis for an intercontinental network for quantum communication. The HYPERSPACE project will focus on the investigation of the distribution of entangled

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Quantum Flagship Events

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A quantum trapped ion computer in Padua

Building a quantum computer in Padua is now concretely possible thanks to the massive investment of the World Class Research Infrastructure (WCRI) a call of the University of Padua for the acquisition of research infrastructures that have characteristics of excellence such as to become a reference

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QUANGO Project has started! Kick-off on Jan 28th 2021


Prof. Giuseppe Vallone Coordinator European Union's Horizon 2020 – Space

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Project SECuRe quantum communication based on Energy-Time/time-bin entanglement at first year!

Prof. Giuseppe Vallone Node Coordinator European Union's Horizon 2020 – Quantera

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